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8x10 on Canson Mi Teintes colored pencil and charcoal


This sketch was created from a client photograph. She realized that the photograph captured the personality and
wanted the moment saved as a timeless sketch. Those who have me create sketches are a very
important part of the process. There was much communication before I actually started sketching this artwork.

You can see my work area with two daylight lamps, for seeing details, and hundreds for pastels, charcoals, colored pencils
and graphite pencils.
16x20 on Canson Paper.

Three adorable kids from three different photographs! I sketched this as a 16x20 on Mi-Teintes.... Someone will have a merry Christmas surprise!

Close-up of the pencil work using Polychromos colored pencils, graphite and charcoal pencils.
This will ship flat in glassine to protect the artwork. Then placed in a weather tight mylar clear bag
sandwiched in between two hard boards.

That time of year again! Football Sketches!

In 2005 I was asked to create a sketch for each of the varsity players on the Tahoma High School football team. The Booster Club
didn't have much money, but a couple parents that I had sketched for before persuaded me to sketch 27 players in a short amount of time
for what they had in their budget. I agreed and every year since I have sketched the senior players (action shots), as a gift that is presented to the parents.

This year, there were fewer than I have ever had before... So I decided to create sketches using some additional candid portraits.
Here are the 2010-2011 Sketches! Click to enlarge!


Commission for Client in Washington, DC
This is a large "special order" piece of John Riggings circa 1983
Color Pencils - 20x30 Arches Hot Press Paper

Photos courtesy: Marisa Sutherland

12/31/09 Update

2009 ended with these three pieces from my dear friends in New Hampshire. I have enjoyed doing many of these
wonderful sketches throughout the year and hope there will be more in the future...


A client sent some old time baseball players to have reproduced as sketches. He sent 8x10 files for 8x10 sketches... Two of the works are
Back & White which I use a 2B and 4B pencil along with charcoal for those rich blacks and a white pastel for the lettering and highlights.
The color sketch was finished with Derwent Professional Color Pencils.

These two B&W sketches are just about completed. I am about to enhance them with the charcoal. These gentlemen are about 3/4 completed. I have to give them a bit more color to get that red to really pop... Baseball has been good to these fellas!


I designed a web site for a friend in Comox BC, last year and after looking
through all the happy people with their fish and reading about their wonderful experiences - I thought a sketch
to commemorate the event was a perfect way to remember their wonderful trip... this is an example sketch, 16x20.
Right now it is orphaned and looking for a home... This is a BIG salmon!

The player on the left I sketched in 2005 for a commissioned work via his high school. I believe his
brother was a freshmen at the time... I am not sure if the parents had always planned on getting a
matching sketch of the younger boy or if #34 had hoped to have me sketch him. Regardless,
I received an email from the parents, who had moved 1000 miles south, but wanted their graduating son
to have his sketch and complete the set. They actually decided to have me re-sketch the original #51
as an 11x14 and complete the new #34 work as an 11x14 as well. That is VERY cool!
Thanks! You made my day! Nov. 17th - 2008

Here is an interesting project... A client sent this great shot of her husband as a scanned large file... I sketched it
with a sepia tone and then pastels penciled to finish the artwork.  - 16x20.

June 25th, 2008
Commissioned work for World Class golfer Anthony Kim. Anthony won the Wachovia 2008 Championships this year!

Northwestern University Commission

My Creation Area -
Dugualla Bay and Mt. Baker
Work Table Currently in Progress


16x20 with two subjects

The Images


The 16x20 Color Sketch

Project with three subjects

The 16x20 Color Sketch